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LegnoLegno is a national Consortium which offers services aiming at making the most of entrepreneurial activities in the sector of doors and windows accessories and fittings. It gathers more than 900 artisan and small-industry realities of the window and furniture sector and cooperates with 30.000 operators; thanks to its experience in this area it gives them advice and services.

LegnoLegno has been operating in the whole Italian country since 1987; the main purpose of the Consortium is to contribute to the qualitative development of handicrafts, small-industry and industry production of fittings and manufactured goods by providing technical and promotional services supporting enterprise qualification policy.

Activities and projects of the Consortium could be divided into four areas: technical area, publishing area, training area, events.

TECHNICAL AREA to develop your products for Italian market

The technical knowledge of LegnoLegno comes from the Laboratory test, which is an independent institution always in the vanguard in the ‘technical seals’ sector and which continues to invest in research and development; the Laboratory was created in 1993, it is notified to the European Commission with n1709 (qualification of the Department of Economic Development) within CE certification and it is a Uni member – National Standards Institute.

The Laboratory is able to test windows and doors (always according to the regulations) by carrying out the following tests: environmental tests, carrying capacity of safety devices, burglar-resistance, heat transmission rates, acoustics of the fittings, tests for shutters and shutterboxes.

Through the technical know-how gathered over years and with a huge number of windows tested, LegnoLegno is able to advise artisan and companies in choosing tools, hardware, water drip as well as giving practical and technical advices about the construction of doors and windows; his experience allows him to intervene also when a company wants to realize “personalized” systems, accessories or profiles.

In addition to issue test reports for tested products, LegnoLegno has studied a complete service about the lay of windows; through this internal study, it has collected a lot of information about the products for the lay and how they influence the performances of the windows.

EVENTS to meet Italian companies

LegnoLegno develops an intensive activity for the promotion of the companies helping them to participate to international exhibitions, such as “Made” in Milan.

LegnoLegno organizes also “Open Day – Porte e Finestre” which are itinerant meetings that allow the match between doors and windows producers and sellers and suppliers; “Open Day – Porte e Finestre” are training, informational and technical-commercial belonging to the window area; every year these five events collect thousands of visitors from all Italy.

PUBLISHING AREA to promote your best products

LegnoLegno offers a constant updating about themes concerning windows offering a collection composed by over 45 publications of technical handbooks; LegnoLegno publishes also “LegnoLegno News”, a quarterly magazine dealing with the most important topics in the sector, which is distributed to 50.000 operators in all the Italian country and offers technical information and comparative analysis of products.

LegnoLegno has also realized some useful software (CDs) to help entrepreneurs, designers and architects in their job.


The Enterprises Training Center of the Consortium organizes courses for entrepreneurs and members by offering them knowledge, know-how and a personalized training which complies with the different needs of the windows and doors area; until now more than 5.000 companies and operators have participated to these updated and professional development training activities.


You can contact Consorzio LegnoLegno:
writing to: Via Pio La Torre 11 – 42015 Correggio (Reggio Emilia) Italy
calling: +39 0522733011 (secretary) -
by fax: +39 0522732836
by e-mail:

For further information please contact:
Stefano Mora - director - e-mail:
Pamela Manfredini - commercial area - e-mail:
Simone Castagnaro - technical area - e-mail